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Tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed lettuce, olives, parsley, olive oil & onion, served with lemon dressing.

Aubergine, yoghurt, tahini, garlic & herbs.

Cucumber, mint in strained yoghurt.

Tomato, parsley, onion and olive oil dressing.

Dry beans, chickpeas & seasonal vegetables.

Pan fried home-made falafel served with humus.

Feta cheese with tomato, green peppers and parsley.

Cheese, cucumber, tomato, onion, olive & olive oil dressing.

Pastry filled with feta cheese & parsley.

Grilled cheese.

Grilled halloumi & mixed peppers served with humus & leaves.

Chickpeas puree with tahini, lemon juice, olive oil & garlic.

Fried aubergine, onion, tomato, garlic & red pepper.

Fried aubergine, onion, tomato, garlic & red pepper.

Pan fried king prawn, fresh garlic, slightly spicy herbs, tomato sauce & butter.